smile and be happy
Sign at a Game

Ever see one of those sign at a game and wonder what they said. .

Happy Cat

Happy Cat


I like his sense of humor and achievement

Don't feed the animals

signs are important read then… don’t feed the animals

Satellite Smile 1

Satellite Smilies

Happy Cat

You get a cat… a few Too Ma Toes and that Chrismasssy feel and this is what you get

Something just doesn’t seem right here Marry Christmas! Marcus drew this in the snow with using his hands. He thought it was funny… I was rather awe struck needless to say. He calls it art, and mentions some other artist named Piero Manzoni that inspired him. I guess it’s a pretty drawing though. I’ll tell […]

oh it’s a bus, wonder if he knows what’s going on. But damn is he sexy haha